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About Us

Our Factory

Our factory is located in Linyi, Shandong Province, the logistics capital of China, and was established in 2012. Based on our advantages in the food industry and logistics, we have opened 7 factories in Linyi. In 2022, we established our own chicken and duck breeding base in Xinjiang, the northwest region of China, to truly realize integrated operations from raw materials, research and development, production, testing, warehousing, and sales. Our company has always practiced the corporate philosophy of "leading", "altruistic" and "innovative", building the most competitive comprehensive production service platform in the pet industry, building intelligent processing factories, and providing services to our international brands, large supermarkets, pet hospitals and the online e-commerce platform provides one-stop, integrated supply chain services and we are committed to building the most professional OEM and ODM production enterprises. At present, we have 6 pet can processing production lines with an annual output of 200 million cans, four wet food production lines with an annual output of 200 million , and 3 dry food production lines with an annual output of 100,000 tons. We cooperate with top R&D teams such as the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, COFCO Nutrition and Health Research Institute, and China Agricultural University .We also build a 3,000-square-meter R&D center and testing center, and introduce Ruike high-throughput fully automatic solid-phase extraction equipment and Beckman high-speed freezing domestic advanced equipment such as centrifuges provide pet food companies with strong support in new product research and development, product testing, and quality inspection. We also have our own partners in pet supplies such as pet clothes, pet bedding, pet changing mats, and pet grooming , providing one-stop services to our international customers and reducing the time cost of selecting suppliers. Customers can customize and purchase all the pet products they need from us.

Our Product

Our Products includes the following:
1. Pet food, including dry food, wet food, snacks, canned meat, jerky, and dental care food 2. Pet grooming products, including cleaning, disinfection and training products. 3. Pet textile products: including clothes, nests, climbing mats, etc.
4. Pet changing pads, wet wipes, training pads 5. Cat litter 6. Pet toys
7. Pet bowls, drinking fountains, etc. 8. Pet brushes, nail clippers, etc. 9. Pet accessories

We offer a range of pet supplies and offer customization services. Our service customers include supermarkets, online e-commerce, pet hospitals, well-known brands, wholesalers, etc.

Product Application

Our Certificate

1.Excellent Quality

CE/ISO9001/ISO22000/BRC/HACCP/GMP/FDA, our products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as North America, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia.

2. Professional Services

We have front-end business personnel, as well as a R&D team and veterinary teams, which can provide us with professional, timely and efficient services.

Production Equipment

Production Market

Our relevant information can be found on Made in China, Google search, Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok, etc. Our services are global.

The following are our main sales areas:
North America 60.00%
Western Europe 12.00%
Oceania 10.00%
South America 5.00%
Southeast Asia 5.00%
Mid East 3.00%
Eastern Europe 3.00%
Eastern Asia 2.00%

Our Service

Pre-sale and sale: For our pet food, our cooperation method is flexible. We have more than 2,000 mature product formulas, and you can directly use our formulas for production. You can also tell us your needs, and our R&D team will develop professional formulas for you and then produce them. We can design the outer packaging for you, or you can send us the electronic version and we will be responsible for the printing. We will produce samples in the early stage and provide test reports. Only after meeting your requirements will we proceed to mass production. During this process, our business team will keep in communication with you. We have obtained global export qualification certification. No matter which country we sell to, our products can meet the requirements.

After-sales: After the product is produced, we also have logistics teams. You can designate a logistics partner, or you can leave us in charge of your logistics issues. We will fully follow up on customs declaration, warehousing, freight, customs clearance and other matters.

For other products in the pet industry, such as grooming and clothing, we support customized services. In the early stage, the business team will communicate with you about your product requirements. Our factory will first produce samples. If there are no problems, we will start mass production. Just like pet food, we have corresponding teams responsible for follow-up from production, delivery, customs declaration, warehousing, and customs clearance.

From pre-sales to after-sales, we truly solve customer problems and gain the trust and recognition of customers with professional services. We take every product seriously and we take every customer seriously.

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